About Us

Welcome to Subtle Asian Fashion!

We are a group of super-talented (  ̄▼ ̄)  and passionate Asians who are proud of our heritage. Together, we are on a mission to bring awareness to and take Asian fashion abroad - one friend-of-a-friend at a time. 

As an extension of the Subtle Asian movement, Subtle Asian Fashion is a global platform to feature our favorite Asian-inspired trends and designs. We draw inspiration from traditional references and aim to add a pop cultural flare to our catalog.

As a community, we also actively seek out local artists and designers to feature, whose work resonates with our mission.

But beyond the catalog, the #subtleAF hashtag is not only about the daily flex and looking good, it’s also about feeling naturally comfortable and confident in one’s own skin. We believe the appreciation of any culture should be accessible to all and that new creative interpretations engender greater empathy across the world!

We pride ourselves in working pretty hard to offer and curate the #subtleAF looks at non-hyped-up prices.

Aside from keeping it real in the office, we enjoy long walks down the wet market, sipping on Thai ice teas, and debating our favorite animes and K-dramas.