💃đŸ•ș Affiliate Program

Are you style AF? Are you fashion AF? Are you pop AF?
If you answered yes to all three then congrats on finishing our voluntary customer survey.

In other news, if you are looking for the attention and respect you deserve for all the clout you carry, join the Subtle Asian Fashion (#subtleAF) family for a chance to spread a new gospel and flex on all your peers! 

As an official affiliate, you’ll be able to earn 10% commission on all item sales generated from your channels! This will be in the form of a special URL that you can freely share with your friends and family. Earnings will be payable via Paypal regularly.

You can share your affiliate link however you like. Express yourself however you like. And most importantly, spend your earnings however you like. It's really up to you how you want to go about being a Subtle Asian Fashion affiliate so don't let us tell you how to live your life. (^_~)

To have senpai notice you, just tag @subtleasianfashions and #subtleaf in your next Instagram posts, then send your social media handles to affiliates@subtleasianfashion.com or use the contact form below!